Form 238 (May / June 2011): The Making of Design
Gerrit Terstiege  
Form 238 (May / June 2011): The Making of Design Image Cover
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Verlag:Birkhauser Architecture
Maße:11.70 cm x 23.00 cm x 1.30 cm
Hinzugefügt am:2015-06-22
Zusammenfassung: "form" has been one of Europe's leading design journals since 1957. The magazine offers product designers indepth coverage of new design trends, materials, and production techniques, with special attention to design processes ("the making of..."). Graphic, corporate, and web designers appreciate form for its articles on current trends in type design, color, and illustration. The form poster edition and its many highquality reproductions have helped to make it extremely popular in the graphic design world. "form" provides a forum for internationally famous designers like Hella Jongerius, Konstantin Grcic, Stefan Sagmeister, and Marian Bantjes, but it also gives a lot of space to the younger generat